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Preserve sentimental values by opting for a buyback option when you sell your gold jewelry, You have an option to sell your gold jewelry today and buy it back by repaying it monthly. Once you repay the entire amount you can take back your jewellery without any hassles.
Note: The seller must enroll for this option at the time of selling gold, Please check the terms & conditions to avail this facility.

Procedure to opt for EMI Buyback

 Step 1- Collect all the gold peices you want to sell and keep aside all the pertaining bills of the gold ornaments. (Bills are not mandatory but if present will act as a reference point for the weights and purities)
  Step 2- Visit our office and present your gold for evaluation. Once the peices & weights are recorded we will provide you with an initial estimation. On your approval we shall test the gold using our Xref – Spectrometer to ascertain the exact purities of the gold ornaments. (Note: other elements such as Stones, Beads, Enamel, wax will have no value) The test time for each article may take upto a minute.
  Step 3- Once the test results are ascertained the valuator will log it into our system and an auto generated final valuation report will be shown. You must now inform the valuator that you want to convert this to a buyback option and accordingly it will be done.

Eligibility, Terms & Condition for EMI buyback

 This facility applies for Gold & Diamond Jewellery only.
 Buyback facility for valuations above 1 lakh rupees.
 Tenure options 3 or 6 months.
 Payments to be made in monthly instalments.
 Service charges & GST is applicable.
 Seller has to make payments on the respective due dates or the gold will be liquidated.

Eligibility / Payments / Frequently asked questions

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