Welcome to Sethupathy Goldcorp

We buy your Gold!
The company Sethupathy Goldcorp will buy your gold at the most advantageous conditions – we, as the only company in region, offer you price 3% under current price at the world market. You can follow current price of gold at the world market in our "current graph" on our website. In the module “purity”, we bring you overview of current prices for the most augmented purities.
Up to 3% under up-to-date market price!
We will buy your gold at the most advantageous conditions- up to 3% under current market price which you can follow also on our websites.When buying 24-carat gold at volumes over 3 kg, we will buy it from you even more favourably:
Money for Gold!
Price of gold changes at the world market constantly as you can see it in our table.
Cash money for your gold- immediately We will pay for your gold immediately and in cash according to current rate on market in that moment. Current market price of gold is depicted in our "up-to-date table". Module of "purity" depicts our current price.


The company Sethupaty Goldcorp deals with buying of gold. We will buy from you gold in any of its forms or purities (ergo investment sow, investment coins, or fractional gold, etc.) for masterfully best price in region.